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Web, App and Social Media.

We know your content marketing needs to be just as mighty as the product or service you offer. Whether you’re trying to elevate your brand, scale your operations, update your website or make a new mobile app, your content marketing should encompass of all your brand’s touch points. So it’s got to be jacked. It’s got to be nimble. And that’s where we come in.


Promo Video and Editing

At Salteck, we’re focused on results, that is why we’ve decided to categorize our based on what the clients needed. 

We’ve created some cool and creative projects for on our own use and as well as for our valuable customer.

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Website Care Maintenance Plans

When a website is not monitored and kept up-to-date, it can give the wrong first impression to new, potential clients.
A website that is not online and functioning properly 24/7 will also result in a loss of sales.

As a business owner, you should be focused on running your business and building relationships
and not dealing with these technical issues and problems that could arise.

Websites can be vulnerable

There are always hackers out there trying to meddle with sites. They send out ‘bots’ to inject malware or to send  spam. They try to hijack the site and replace it with their own content. They can also just erase the entire site. A hacked site means your entire online business can be taken down in an instant which will give a bad impression to new clients.


Always having a copy backed up

Regular backups are like a protection of your investment. If a plugin update should harm the site, if you or an employee make unwanted changes that aren’t easily undone or if a hacker targets the site, having a saved copy of your current database is critical to reversing the damage and getting your site back up and running quickly.


We know your website

We know the ins-and-outs of the code, what parts were customized and what needs to be done in order to protect it. Sure, you can do this on your own or find a different option but keeping your website up to date, backed up and secure can be time consuming and a little tedious.

Peace of mind

You can be at ease and trust that your website is in good hands all of the time. We’ll remove that worry from your mind so that your site continues to function properly while you continue running your business.

Lite Care Plan

$155 / month

Software Updates
to keep your site up-to-date

Weekly Backup of Database and Site Files
to have a copy in case of catastrophe

Database Optimization
to keep your site running smoothly

Uptime Monitoring
to know that your site is up and running

Security Monitoring
to keep your site safe  

Monthly Maintenance Report
to see the status of your site

* Not available for Woocommerce websites

Standard Care Plan

$295 / month

Includes Lite Plan and…

Daily Backup of Database and Weekly Full Backup

Daily Malware scanning

Scan and fix any broken links
so that your content is always accessible

Priority Email Support
to be here for you when you need it with
1-2 support tasks*

Setup fee waived**

Advanced Care Plan

$695 / month

Includes Standard Plan and…

Website hosting

SEO Report

Priority Email Support
to be here for you when you need it with
3-4 support tasks*

Monthly Consultation Call
to discuss your website and how to improve it

Setup fee waived**